Gynormous Panasonic TV

Gynormous Panasonic Plasma 3D HDTV

Panasonic has a New Gynormous TV!

Panasonicís new Gynormous VIERA Plasma HDTV has a new panel with NeoPDP technology that delivers to you the best combination of black and white under brighter conditions while offering higher energy efficiency. This new panel reduces reflections and delivers sharper pictures with higher contrast in brighter environments

The Panasonic VIERA G25 model lines have improved VIERA Cast functionality. This gives you the ability to stream your Internet video and audio programming and you can turn this HDTV into a high-definition, wireless video conference center with Skype capabilities when you use the optional Panasonic communication camera with Wi-Fi adapter accessories. You also have the ability to play back JPEG images and AVCHD videos that are stored on SD memory cards and well as operate a slew of VIERA Link components from Blu-ray Disc players to digital cameras all through a single remote.

This Gynormous Panasonic TV is good for the environment. It meets the new more stringent Energy Star 4.0 requirements. This results in a long Plasma panel life of up to 100,000 hours, or more than 30 years of viewing if you watched TV for eight hours every day. And then the brightness of the panel would decrease by a half.

What is Panasonic TV VIERA Cast?

Panasonic VIERA Cast allows you to enjoy a variety of streaming movies, TV shows and music, photo slideshows, and home video conferencing using VIERA Castís assortment of online content. You can connect and communicate through voice and voice calls from the comfort of your own home.

The new Panasonic VIERA Cast HDTV includes two USB ports for connecting a keyboard or a Wi-Fi LAN adapter, which is sold separately, and an Ethernet port for wired LAN connection. No PC is required.

What is Panasonic NeoPDP Technology?

Panasonic redesigned the Plasma panelís cell structure and developed a cutting-edge new filter. This technology has tripled the luminous efficiency as compared to Panasonicís 2007 models of the VIREA Plasma HDVTS. The results are obvious; you get a sharp detail image which also reduces the Gynormous TV's power consumption.

Why 1080 Moving Picture Resolution?

When you get 1080 lines of moving picture resolution and integrated NeoPDP technologyís high speed drive performance, the display time for each image frame is shortened to minimize afterimages. Now when youíre watching decisive calls in football games or delicate motions in figure skating they are crystal clear.

Why Have a VIERA Image Viewer?

Now you can see all your images in full HD mode thanks to the integrated SD card slot. Watch all your JPEG photos or your AVCHD videos captured with your digital camera or camcorder on the big screen. Navigate your content via an easy-to-use thumbnail display, and choose from five different types of background music and five different display effects. And you can add messages or memos to your photos from a PC to create your own slideshow.

What is VIERA Link?

VIERA Link enables the interlinked operation of various AV devices such as Blu-ray Disc players to home theater sound systems to digital cameras and camcorders. All you need is the VIERA remote control to easily connect the devices to each other by an HDMI cable.

Panasonic VIERA Game Mode

When you use the Game Mode you get quicker image response. This enhances your video gaming experience when your game console is connected to the Panasonic VIERA TV. Thatís not all; VIERA produces the dark images in video games more clearly.

What Size Panasonic HDTV, Gynormous or Less?

With Panasonic HDTV or any brand HDTV the resolution is so much better than standard-definition TVs that you can sit closer to a larger TV without seeing the individual pixels. So with HDTVs, the rule of thumb is you can sit anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times the screen, in inches, for the best viewing pleasure.

All you need to know is the size of the room and where you want to sit, and where you want your new Gynormous Panasonic TV to be placed, and now you can do the math and get the right size HDTV for the best Gynormous hi-def viewing experience.